I’m Fi. Prop Stylist, Set Stylist, Interior stylist (you get the picture…) and my superpower is in presenting product so that it looks AWESOME. – I’m a little bit addicted to mood board making, creating set concepts and hunting down the best props I can find (and keep… When I can find the space!) 

I’ve been in the wonderful world of product presentation and styling for over 15 years, across a variety of industries, from retail, to manufacturing, events and homes too.

Every project has been so different – and that’s part of my ethos – I firmly believe that all product should be treated and styled differently, because every brand is unique. – But despite these differences, there’s been one fundamental outcome for my clients:

I’ve helped photographers, brands and business owners create beautiful product lifestyle displays and photos, which save them time, money and ultimately drive sales, brand cohesion and successful campaigns. 

I truly believe that carefully crafted product styling that speaks to the target audience, will inspire and convert. – STYLING SELLS.

With a commercial retail background, I understand how customers buy. This, alongside my love for colour and design, results in captivating product styling that gives brands the leverage they need to convert visitors into customers. 

styling with a difference...

My background is in product Visual Merchandising, where there is a strong focus on analysing numbers, KPI’s, and getting into customers heads. In other words, really understanding how people buy based on what they can see. Since beginning my photography styling career 12 years ago, I’ve converted this understanding and apply the same knowledge and strategy to every photo shoot I prepare and style. 

In a digital age where our online presence is crucial, impactful photos that pack a punch are no longer a ‘nice to have’; they’re a necessity for growth.

IT STARTED WITH A MOOD BOARD ... My streamlined prop styling, concepts & production services will enhance your product photography, alleviating photographers' precious time before, during & after photo shoots, helping everyone focus on their own zone of genius for
optimum results.

green and salmon pink mood board

my approach

I adore styling. I love creating unique settings and visual story-telling for products that inspires customers to engage and buy. 

Stylists are like the glue holding a shoot together; we’re also often covered in it too, and that’s part of the joy; no job is ever too small.

From painting backgrounds, to crafting props, we’re resourceful when it comes to budgets, always ensuring the client gets the highest return on investment.  

My approach is objective focussed; what do we need to show or enhance that will help sell more of that product? Once we understand the market, we know how to style product images that will come to life and pay for themselves time and again.  

Set the boundaries, and let the creativity flow! 

Of course, the final look of the photos is the be all and end all in terms of what the customer sees, but the planning and preparation is crucial in order to ensure that a photo shoot runs on time and within budget. This is why I have a strong emphasis on production, communication and detail.  

Every photo shoot is unique, and approached as such; with the utmost care, thought and precision in execution.
- Fi Campos

Happy to work with a client’s team, or just as at ease to lead my own, I have over 12 years’ experience in overseeing set builds, pulling photography teams together and directing photo shoots across a range of industries such as retail, manufacturing and events.  


Are you ready to elevate your sales with captivating imagery?

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